Task Force Goals

The goals of this task force are to:

Among the initial actions the task force is undertaking are:

By completing these initial and additional actions, the task force sought to achieve New York State certification as a Climate Smart Community. Certification means that the Town of Saugerties will be recognized as a leader in the effort to combat the climate crisis, and will be well-positioned to obtain funding for implementing future climate smart actions.

Saugerties' Progress Toward Certification  Updated: June 12, 2024

The town was awarded Bronze-level certification as a Climate Smart Community on October 1, 2019. Read Press article
The town was awarded recertification at the Bronze level in April 2024.
October 2019, The Town receives official certification from NYS as a Climate Smart Community. Pictured are members of the Climate Smart Saugerties Task Force.

120 points were required for the town to achieve bronze certification. Here are the actions we implemented to reach this goal.


Points Actions 2020
20 Town Board appoints Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) as a task force.
10 Town Board appoints a coordinator.
4 Saugerties takes the Climate Smart pledge.
3 Regional Climate Program Participation.
10 Natural Resources Inventory documented.
3 Website created.
6 LED Street Light Inventory
3 Facebook page created.
3 Outdoor Lighting Upgrades.
9 Solar Energy Installation.
4 Residential Organic Waste Program.
4 Shade Structure Policy.
10 EV Charging Stations.
9 Comprehensive Plan with Sustainability Elements.
3 Renewable Energy Feasibility Study.
16 GHG Inventory for Government Operations.
3 Climate-related public event.
8 Government Buildings Energy Audit.
16 Climate Action Plan for Government Operations.
5 Energy Code Enforcement Training.
5 Unified Solar Permit.
16 Community GHG Inventory.
170 Total Points Earned

In 2024 Saugerties accumulated a Total of 184 points as a recertified community at the Bronze level. Bronze recertification requires a total of 120 points.