Key Documents

Here are key public documents we have produced that are of interest to constituents in the Town of Saugerties.

Town of Saugerties Climate Action Plan for Government Operations
Adopted May 2019. The goal of this plan is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emmissions from town government operations. The plan prioritizes GHG reductions by focusing first on those municipal entities that emit the most CO2, as detailed in the GHG inventory below.

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Town of Saugerties Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Government Operations
Created 2018. This document quantifies the GHG'es emitted by Town government operations.

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Town of Saugerties Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Adopted 2010. This inventory, conducted in 2010 by New York State, identifies and quantifies the sources of GHG emissions from community activities. The inventory reveals that the Saugerties community emitted 267,287 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2010.

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Published in August, 2019, this report describes how the Town will use the data from the GHG inventory to plan actions going forward.

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Saugerties Community Resilience Building Workshop – Summary Findings
January 2020. This report provides an overview of the top hazards, the current community strengths and concerns, and the suggested actions to improve resilience to natural and climate-related hazards in the Town and Village of Saugerties today and in the future.

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