Community Choice Aggregation

The Process

  1. 4Q 2020 — Town board passed a law allowing them to investigate CCA.
  2. Town board selected an outside administrator for the CCA — Joule Community Power.
  3. March/April 2021 – Administrator holds public education sessions.
  4. Town board cites benefits of CCA.
  5. May 2021 – Administrator seeks bids for power.
  6. June 2021 – Administrator and Town accept a bid for power.
  7. July 2021 – Letters to all eligible community residents and businesses with offer details and how to opt out.
  8. July/August 2021. More public education sessions via zoom.
  9. August 13, 2021. Deadline for residents to to opt-out of the CCA.
  10. Sept 1, 2021 – CCA takes effect.

Saugerties Joins New Community Energy Program
Great News! Saugerties has joined a community energy program. The program brings 100% renewable energy to participating town residents and small businesses.

The program is called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). That's the formal name for a strategy that puts control of offering a new electricity supply option in local hands. Saugerties will join with other communities to pool electricity demand. That's why it's called aggregation. Town residents and small businesses can choose to participate or opt out of the program at any time. No contract. No penalty.

By pooling our demand with other communities, we build the necessary clout to negotiate a good deal for all town residents and businesses who participate. The program offers a fixed rate for a certain period of time, usually between 1 and 3 years.

Central Hudson will continue to deliver the electricity, send one bill, maintain the lines, and respond to outages. The only difference from what you have now is that the CCA will secure the electricity at a great fixed rate. There are no forms for you to fill out. Most of the town residents have already enrolled, and you can join any time.

The Climate Smart Saugerties Task Force and the Town Board joined with Hudson Valley Community Power to bring CCA to Saugerties.

Hudson Valley Community Power currently serves more than 25,000 households and small businesses in ten communities with New York State renewable power.


Program Rates (100% New York Renewable Energy) fixed rate, locked in until May 2024.


Letter from Town Board.
Questions & Answers.

How to Join

Residents and small businesses may choose to opt-out or opt-in to the program at any time:

Get More Information

More information about the Hudson Valley Community Power CCA program is also available at Hudson Valley Community Power, or you can call the Helpline at 845-859-9099 or email the Local Program Manager, Hudson Valley Energy, at